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NWN2 - Mysteries of Westgate - Release Date Comments

by Dhruin, 2008-07-31 09:06:01

Thanks to dte for pointing out some comments on Mysteries of Westgate by Atari rep "Herk" on their forums.  Apparently "early to mid September" is the current guess:

Hi everyone,

I haven't gotten the details for the MoW Key distribution program, but I did get confirmation that Atari will be implementing such a program.

Regarding a release date for MoW... whether it's IGN or Gamespy or any other third party--those sources are not official Atari sources. Those sites are merely speculating without any proof or authorization from Atari. We apologize for any confusion or frustration this has caused. Obviously, we can't control what information other parties put on their sites. We will ask them to remove those dates because they are incorrect.

We have been unable to nail down a release date for MoW because of the variables that are involved with (1) completing the new authentication system, and (2) timing the release of the new authentication system with a NWN2 update/patch (most likely 1.14) so that everyone can download the new system necessary to play MoW.

I think early-mid Sept is the time period we are targeting.




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