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Mass Effect - Review @ ComputerGames.ro

by Dhruin, 2008-08-01 13:05:58

ComputerGames.ro dropped us a line to point out their review of Mass Effect PC.  The score is an impressive 87% but they do have some complaints:

As for the allies I keep mentioning, they are too distant, compared to other RPGs. I don’t know if it’s only me, but I missed the philosophical talks I had with Kreia. And you can feel the absence of a real character influence system. Of course, each of your allies has an interesting background and a catchy story to tell, so they are not flat; but you can only interact with them between missions, on the Normandy, or in key dialogues. The rest of the game, they just come up with funny comments concerning their current surroundings. But these are not enough and truly leave a gap in the experience. Their slow AI further distances them from the player, as every fight can become a potential death-trap. Each time you’re on top of the situation, the team’s tank gets stuck on the battlefield while the plan B sniper has a hard time putting a bullet in the Krogan who is charging you, Banzai style. Not to mention that most of the time your two teammates will get stuck into each other. Thanks God the enemy AI has the same glitches and tends to be on the suicidal part, regardless of the difficulty level.

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