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Hinterland - Interview @ Gameshark

by Dhruin, 2008-08-05 12:22:17

Gameshark has a two-part interview with Tilted Mill about their history and future plans, although I'm only going to link to Part 2 where Hinterland takes centre stage.  Here's a bit from Chris Beatrice on the personal scale:

Chris: One thing I want to follow up on is this thing about relativity. This game is sort of the opposite of God of War. I remember first playing Dungeons and Dragons and counting copper pieces just to see if I could afford more rope, where an apple is a big deal. Eventually things scale up and you’re godlike and you kind of lose all context or sense of perspective. I enjoy it more when it’s down to earth, like how many pots of oil do I have for my lantern and can I afford to throw one at that guy over there? We folded that into this paradigm where you look at everyone in the town. A farm kid might be really strong, so you think he might make a good fighter. They go on an adventure and find some gold, and that’s a big deal, or a sword, which is great because you’ve been using sticks. We like keeping it where the creatures are your standard folklore creatures – giants, trolls, maybe a dragon here and there – but staying at the level where you get attached to your characters, really counting every little resource you have.

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