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Hinterland - Q & A @ Big Download

by Magerette, 2008-08-07 18:13:08

GameDaily's subsite Big Download has posted an interview with Tilted Mill's co-founder Chris Beatrice on their upcoming strategy/rpg hybrid, Hinterland

Here's a bit about being a PC only developer:

 ...What do you think of the current sentiment in the industry that its hard to be a PC only game developer nowadays?

I guess it's hard if you are determined to compete for gaming or shelf space in AAA PC gaming, which granted, is where most of us have been competing for years. There are some great games and franchises that do this, obviously, but there are also a whole lot of opportunities for a really wide variety of fun, innovative and affordable PC games that get skipped because of the focus on the larger titles. The main thing that has changed in the past several years is that big budget PC games don't dominate the traditional retail space – while at the same time, digital distribution is finally starting to come into its own, and also there are great third party technical solutions available as well. When we started in 2001, this was not the case...


Source: Blues News

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