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Space Siege - Preview @ 1Up

by Magerette, 2008-08-07 19:34:56

1Up  does a hands-on with the full version of Gas Powered Games soon-to-be-released title, Space Seige

  Despite what you might have encountered in the recently released demo, during the actual first few hours of the game, I only upgraded my eye with cybernetics -- but that didn't mean I wasn't evolving. Thanks to the workbenches -- tables located throughout the game that allow you to use parts you find to upgrade your character -- I was able to make both my own character and his robotic pet more powerful. Though cybernetics come into play when choosing what are essentially the spells that your character can cast, the workbench upgrades are much more integral to adapting your character to your play style...

In the Dungeon Siege games that preceded the more action-focused Space Siege, you were often managing a large group of characters, all with their own powers and abilities, and many people liked to pause the action to issue orders. Space Siege keeps the action constant, and because you only control your main character and his robotic sidekick, it is a lot more manageable to play it in real time -- no need to hit pause...



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