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Diablo 2 - Retrospective @ GwJ

by Dhruin, 2008-08-08 22:48:43

Gamers with Jobs has a piece on Diablo II as the writer plays it for the first time.  He's a little underwhelmed but it might be worth noting the time delay and the fact that he clearly plays a lot of WoW.  Here's a sample:

I was quite surprised to find that most of the game consisted of a complex dance between inventory management, entrepreneurial trading of discarded items, and opportunity-cost assessment. Do I keep the Ring of Shiny that gives me a +2 to Mana Regeneration and increases my light radius by +3, or do I equip the Fabulous Steel Ring of Oiled Muscle that adds +45 to my Attack Rating? Decisions, decisions. I knew that I would later find a ring that would do all of the above (likely to a more impressive degree) and imbue me with the ability to fold origami penguins. At that moment, however, it was the most important decision I would ever make.

Source: GameBanshee

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