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Mount & Blade - Final Beta?

by Dhruin, 2008-08-11 22:17:54

Blue's is pointing out a press release from Paradox, announcing the final beta of Mount & Blade as the retail release looms.  The PR points to an exclusive Gamespot dealie for v0.960, which my trusty database says was released a while back - and my memory says I've already played.  With that in mind, I'm guessing this is a promotional thing:

NEW YORK - August 11, 2008 Paradox Interactive today announced the opening of the final beta, version 0.960, for their upcoming PC medieval, action-RPG title, Mount & Blade. Mount & Blade will be released in North America on September 16th and in Europe on September 19, 2008. To sign-up for the beta, please visit http://www.gamespot.com/event/codes/mount-and-blade/. The beta period will be open for two weeks, closing on August 25th.

Mount & Blade is a single-player, third or first-person action/role-playing game with a focus on medieval combat. Developed by the Turkish development house TaleWorlds Entertainment, the BETA version of the game has received acclaim worldwide from gamers impressed by the game’s realistic horseback combat, luscious graphics, and open-world sandbox gameplay. The latter enables players to roam the map freely in a medieval world that offers activities ranging from hunting down bandits, to trading for profit in the game's complex economic system, to becoming a commander and taking part in the wars, with the ultimate goal of becoming a great lord of the realm.

Mount & Blade will be available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate, the leading digital distribution platform creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.paradoxplaza.com/Mount&Blade

Source: Blues News

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