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The Locus Inn - Moved to the Watch Network

by Myrthos, 2008-08-11 22:59:47

The Locus Inn that was previously still hosted on the RPGDot network is moved to the RPGWatch network. The site is my own private site and I have been running it since 2000. It started as a place where I could store the stuff I had about one of the best games I ever played: Planescape:Torment.
This was followed by information about the Icewind Dale games and Baldur's Gate 2.

After that I became interested in Divinity for which I had several contacts with the developers and had the opportunity to play versions of the games even before a beta version was available. This was followed by Beyond Divinity, for which I was the co-writer in writing the best strategy guide in existence of that game :-)

Now with the PR machine of Divinity 2 starting to spread the news, I found it was time to make the move to the Watch network.

Unfortunately, due to some funky ads Jolt showed on the sites at the RPGDot network, they were tagged as suspicious and containing malware. This was strictly because of those ads and not because of the contents on those site. As we don't have any ads here, that problem won't exist, so I requested Google to remove the warning on it.

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