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Jumpgate Evolution - Preview @ Edge

by Asbjoern, 2008-08-12 14:17:47

Yet another preview telling us how intuitive and accessible Jumpgate Evolution will be:

Underscoring its more user-friendly bent, Jumpgate also aims to capture the kind of dog-fighting spaceship combat familiar to shooters such as TIE Fighter. It’s instant, intuitive action – potentially involving a huge number of players – and while it makes gameplay more twitch-based, levelling up not only adds the obvious benefits of extra damage to your sizzling volleys of projectiles but also helps them curve neatly towards targeted enemies. This lock-on system is a smart way of bringing together shooter and RPG elements, and is employed to clever effect to even the field between players of different levels; one lower-level raid we are shown sees players swooping in and around a heavily armed space station – but higher-level players will have their ability to automatically target its weak points disabled.

Source: Blues News

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