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Space Siege - Now Shipping, Interview

by Dhruin, 2008-08-13 00:02:52

A late update today, I'm afraid.  Don't you hate it when real-life interrupts virtuality?

GPG has announced Space Siege is now available at retail everywhere:

Space Siege Available Now!

The final defense of humanity begins today! In Space Siege, a thrilling action-RPG adventure, you assume the role of Sgt. Seth Walker and wage war against humanity's would-be executioners, the alien race known as the Kerak. Wield high-powered weapons, unleash your robot companion and make the ultimate moral decision -- how much of your humanity will you sacrifice in order to save the human race?

...and RPG Vault has an interview with lead designer, Mike Marr:

Jonric: How would you describe the robot companion? How much can it be customized, to what degree can you control it, and how else is it interesting or notable?

Mike Marr:
The robotic companion is a Hodgsons Robotics Unit Mark V, or HR-V for short - it's usually pronounced "Harvey" - that serves as Seth's sidekick for most of game, and can be used in a variety of configurations. It can be customized with different weapons, ranging from a devastating long-range sniper rifle to a napalm shotgun. You can also tailor its abilities, and whether it's more of a tank or a damage dealer.

HR-V auto-targets based on threat level, but you can issue it specific attack commands, tell it to move to specific locations, and control the use of its special abilities.

An interesting note is that it has "issues" with the maintenance robots on the ship.

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