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Origin - Museum

by Woges, 2008-08-15 11:44:20

EA Mythic have been busy sorting out some inspiration from some old Origin material, including some great Ultima artwork they now have up on their walls. Alec Meer article here, and the site artfulgamer.com piece here, with photographs here.

Some highlights of what was recovered: 
* Artwork from the unreleased Privateer 3 
* Possible data from several unreleased games (Bioforge Plus, Technosaur, Ultima IX source code–Lost Vale was not specifically listed on any data labels, but there was a tape called U8-project archive)
* Detailed photographs of the *head* of Prince Thrakath (Wing Commander 3) 
* Over 20 design docs for various Wing Commander, UO and UO2 projects 
* videos of interviews w/Mark Hammil, Richard Garriott, Star Long, and others 

There will be more discoveries made, as we catalogue all of the data. 

The “official” word from Mythic’s office manager is that we need to vett everything before handing out data… but then their producer who arranged all his, Paul Barnett, has said he wants to see it preserved and available for people quickly–perhaps this may get to users hands!.

Edit: The Origin Museum web-site can be found here.

Source: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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