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Sacred 2 - Notebook Support & GenCon Details

by Magerette, 2008-08-15 17:25:07

Ascaron's put out a couple of press releases on their upcoming action rpg Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. One deals with notebook support for the game: 

... In the development of the notebook gaming technology in SACRED 2 – Fallen Angel, the focus has been on 3 main areas, namely core processes, graphic optimization and notebook-specific features.

SACRED 2, the much anticipated Action RPG, will bring Ad-Hoc gaming to the masses with Wi-Fi functionality and in-game displays. Ad-hoc is the term used for game modes offering players a very comfortable and simple way to play multiplayer games “on the fly”. Players with WLAN access will be able to quickly and easily create and join SACRED 2 wireless networks with other gamers in the vicinity.

With its strong focus on notebook compatibility and features, and particular attention to mobile and onboard graphics solutions, SACRED 2 brings quality gaming entertainment to the wider notebook market. Targeting the mobile games market, from the high end 512MB graphics setup to entry level 128MB onboard chipsets, SACRED 2 will set a new trend in this often overlooked sector of gaming.

All notebook functions are actively supported by the Intel Centrino Processor Technology...

If you're fortunate enough to be attending the GenCon in Indianapolis, Ind, USA, this week,  the other press release gives directions and other information

Source: GamersHell

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