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The Matrix Online: The Other Side of the Looking Glass @ Official Site

by Inauro, 2006-07-15 03:18:00
Through the looking glass we go once more at the official site of The Matrix Online.
Update 45 Issues
For anyone who hasn't visited the forums or already run into them in game, let's go over the issues introduced in Update 45.

Emailing Items not Working
Apparently we changed something the wrong way in trying to allow players to email themselves non-tradable and singleton items. Now, items can't be emailed at all, only intermittently, or only the wrong types can be. We're not sure what exactly happened, as testing was fine, but we're working on a fix.

Also, trying to email an item from the Loading Area may result in a client crash. Until we fix this problem, please avoid emailing items from the Loading Area.
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