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Space Siege - Review @ Voodoo Extreme

by Magerette, 2008-08-17 17:30:37

Voodoo Extreme is next in line to post a review of Gas Powered Games' action title Space Siege, giving it 3 of 5 stars:

Despite the frustrating camera system, once you get a hang of the controls, the gameplay becomes fairly fluid (and even fun). There are a bunch of weapons and cyborg implants that you find over the course of the game and unlock. That, along with a two-tree skill system and a series of upgrade options, is what makes Space Siege a ‘role-playing’ game. Some of the skill pre-requisites require a certain percentage of cyborg parts to be installed, others depend on how much humanity is left inside of you. Points are awarded after finishing objectives, but there’s not much of a character level system per say...

Space Siege would be...awesome if it was a budget title, but when you charge the big bucks, you have much higher standards to live up to. Between the dated graphics, inherently broken camera system and $49.95 price tag, it’s just Dungeon Siege in space.


Source: Blues News

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