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Sacred 2 - GenCon Preview @ GameSpy

by Dhruin, 2008-08-19 22:09:23

GameSpy has a preview of Sacred 2 after playing a little at GenCon.  Their biggest concern is the complexity of the character system, which sounds like a plus to me:

As we worked our way through the Dryad's opening quests, we took the opportunity to examine her initial powers, which was where the confusion set in. At the very beginning of the game, every character has 15 separate powers to choose from (along with the specific ones derived from the deity), although only one can be placed into the character's quick slot at any given time. These powers range from totems that fire poisonous arrows to a root that freezes an opponent in place. Easy enough. The kicker comes as the dryad levels up and the player realizes that each of these powers has its own skill tree that allows the player to completely customize their power depending on how they decide to play it. An AOE attack, for example, can have its duration, power or number of targets modified so a moderate meteor attack that hits five enemies can be changed to a weaker version that hits 10 or narrowed into a devastating single strike.

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