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Dragon Age - Interviews @ Eurogamer, GwJ

by Dhruin, 2008-08-20 12:23:21

Dragon Age game director Dan Tudge speaks to Eurogamer in a rambling 4-page article, reinforcing the "spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate" line and possibly hinting at a demo and DLC.  Here's a bit on the origin stories :

Eurogamer: What about game mechanics, what haven't we seen before?

Dan Tudge: I can't really go into the full details, but a subtle Origins example is something that I found very emotionally compelling. I was playing one of our origins stories and I actually had a situation where I had a very, very close friend within my origin... And to become a Grey Warden I had to make a difficult choice and had to leave my friend behind to what I felt was certain death. Playing through the game several hours later, I was actually doing a dungeon crawl underneath the city and I came across a prison area, and one of the individuals in one of the prison cells was my friend that I left behind, and I was actually elated because I had the opportunity to actually save him. Now I had picked any other origins he would have been some non-discreet player, but to me he was my friend. So it's a very subtle thing but very emotionally compelling.

...and Gamers with Jobs has a podcast that includes David Gaider.

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