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KotOR 2 - Restored Content Mod v1.4 Public Beta

by Dhruin, 2009-09-24 13:23:20

No, not Team Gizka's project but an alternative while Team Gizka is in some sort of strange limbo after all but one contributor left the project, as I understand it.  A couple of the other developers reformed for the TSL Restored Content Mod, which is now available as a public beta.

Read this thread for the files and installation details and the FAQ is worth a visit.  Here's a snip:

TSL Restored Content Modification FAQ

Q: What is this?
A: This is a mod for TSL that restores almost all of the cut content of TSL.

Q: Is this a theft of Team Gizka's work?
A: Not in the slightest. All of this mod, minus the Rebuilt Enclave by jinger (who gave permission for it to be used in this mod), was done by Stoney and Zbyl2 and SWfan28.

Q: How can you prove that?
A: Have a look at the scripts.

Q: How come you got it done so quickly then?
A: We already had Zbyl's previous content and Jinger's mod plus SWfan28 had some stuff he gave us which had been done. As well as the Dantooine Restoration we did previously

Q:Will the original M478mod be compatible with it?
A:As it is now no it is not compatible. It will either need to be patched or wait for M478EP.

Q: What does this mod restore?
A: We tend to look at as "what does the mod NOT restore?", so here's a list of what was not included:
M4-78 - The Droid Planet is still a part of Stoney's M4-78RP and M4-78EP. The M4-78EP will be compatible with the TSLRCM.

"Darth Atris" - There was too little material left to properly restore this aspect of the ending.

GenoHaradan - Again, too little content left. However, Lord of Hunger is currently designing a storyline for a heavily expanded version of the GenoHaradan Side Quest. It will be released as a fully compatible patch.

Nihilus vs. Sion - Essentially part of the GenoHaradan Side Quest and will be part of Lord of Hunger's storyline.

Sell Vrook into Slavery - Again, too little content. Also conflicts with the storyline.

Dustil Onasi - No content to work with, or a reason to restore.

Ravager Crashing Into Telos - Does not fit the storyline as it would most likely result in the destruction of Ebon Hawk, thereby conflicting with later events.

Thanks, Prime Junta!

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