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Nyrthos - Browser RPG Revealed

by Dhruin, 2012-01-14 22:12:35

I bookmarked this during the week and have only just got back to it. Nyrthos (not to be confused by our site owner Myrthos) is a browser-based RPG with rather nice 2D art. The actual gameplay is a little confusing at the moment, with the FAQ saying "we were inspired by genre classics like Diablo 1 and 2 or the Gothic series". From the "basic gameplay section":

You will have a whole bunch of ways to enjoy yourself in the land of Nyrthos. Fighting, crafting, building, exploring.. you name it.

Prepare to fight and kill on your way to glory and honor, build and manage your settlement, defend endless waves of monsters and most of all, cooperate with others to decide the fate of the world of Nyrthos.

Hopefully, you will be able to take care of yourself to survive.. and maybe, maybe.. you will be strong enough to get to places noone has ever been to before.

Although the game is not multiplayer (at the moment) they also describe some cooperative features, though it isn't clear how this will work:

How can the players decide the fate of Nyrthos?

There are multiple ways this will happens, and we do not want to share evenrything just yet. But for example, there might be a broken bridge across a river; the cave complex right behind it is thus inaccessible. The bridge can be built, but only after a certain amount of wooden planks is gathered. It is a pretty big task, so players have to cooperate to make it happen and it will probably take some time. And after the operation is successful, the area will be opened for everybody. Still, this is just a basic example.

There will be many locations that players can influence together, be it the physical world, political events or story development; and on much smaller and much larger scale.

Source: Blues News

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