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Borderlands 2 - Interview @ Now Gamer

by Aries100, 2012-02-07 20:43:45

A lengthy, but good interview can be found at Now Gamer for this game.   The interview features Paul Hellquist, Creative Director and Jason Reiss, Lead Level Designer. They talk about
expanding the co-op offerings, renovating the loot design, "digging down" in the RPG department and fleshing out the NPCs. A sample:

When you look back at what Gearbox did with DLC for the original Borderlands, you really were getting a lot of additional content for your money – more so than most. How important is it to really nail the balance between value and content?

PH: DLC has been maturing as the console cycle has continued on, and you will remember back to the earliest days when Bethesda released horse armour for Oblivion, and it was like, “Horse armour? Are you serious?” (laughs) But at the time, no one knew what people were going to go for and what they weren’t going to go for. I kind of feel bad for those guys because everyone teases them about it. But they didn’t know, for all they knew it might have been exactly what everyone wanted. So when the first Borderlands was finished and everyone was thinking about DLC, it was still in the middle – in terms of how much value and the kind of experience gamers wanted from DLC – and we just decided, ‘let’s just keep making the game that we’ve made’. In the end, I think we’ve been influential in the DLC market, and people look at us and think, ‘these guys are really bringing a lot of value for the money’, so we’re very proud of what we did with Borderlands, and that is something we’re always thinking about.

Source: GameBanshee

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