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King Arthur II - Review @ RPS

by Dhruin, 2012-02-08 20:44:41

King Arthur II has been reviewed at Rock, Paper, Shotgun in one of their Wot I Think articles. They find a game not without charm but the "shrunken scope" from the original is a distinct negative:

If, like me, you adored King Arthur, I suspect you’ll struggle to adore KA2. Enjoyment is certain, but true first-thought-on-waking, badger-your-friends-into-buying adoration is unlikely. You see, Neocore have meddled with things that really shouldn’t have been meddled with. [...]

With the greater emphasis on narrative, comes restricted military freedom. In KA1 you were free to sprinkle the strat map with as many armies as you liked, and march on almost any town that took your fancy. Those rights have been revoked. Plot progress now determines how many armies you field (three by the close of the campaign) and, sometimes, which regions are open to conquest. At times Pendragon (Arthur’s son and your starting hero) feels more puppet than potentate.

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