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Dishonored - Previews @ Kotaku, IncGamers, Bethsoft

by Dhruin, 2012-04-28 00:54:14

Here are a couple more Dishonored previews we missed yesterday. First, Kotaku has 18 Things About Dishonored That You Should Know:

  • One of your best powers is called Blink. It lets you scoot forward a few yards in space, like a short-distance warp. Combine this with agile jumping and you can dart not just across rooftops but through open space, suddenly appearing in a crowd or getting to the other side of an open doorway without ever walking past it.
  • One of the powers they didn't mean to give players, but did involves free-falling from the top of a building but then possessing a guard before you smack into the ground. The designers said that their test players figured it out and it seemed too terrific to remove. So, yeah, kill a guy on a balcony, and then jump off the balcony before his bodyguards can seize you, drop a few stories but body-hop into a regular citizen who is walking down the street in the nick of time.
  • Thanks to Borcanu for that one. 

    On to IncGamers for a more standard prevew:

    “We believe very much in giving the player a selection of options and blending them constantly so that it’s in their hands,” Smith told us at a recent Q&A session. “It’s not like there’s a stealth road and a combat road; for us - the type of game we like - it’s just mixed. So a mission will have many different pathways: into the building, around the building, over the roof via a side-quest, or straight in the front door, blasting.”

    Lastly, the latest Bethsoft Podcast is about Dishonored:

    The team at Arkane joins us to explain the unpredictable magic of Dishonored’s dark sandbox playground. Listen as the developers describe the deep systems that lead to Dishonored’s crazy moments, and learn how a single bottle can stand between you and destruction.

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