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Telepath Tactics - Update #11, Last Days

by Dhruin, 2012-12-26 04:14:14

There's a new Telepath Tactics update as their Kickstarter campaign hits three days remaining ($13.5k/$25k). The demo has been updated with new features and Sinister Design promises a bonus mystery campaign as they try to achieve success:

As a sort of Christmas present to you all, I've gone ahead and updated the demo again, this time with requested features such as edge-of-screen panning (which you can turn on using the Options menu), a right-clickable Rotate button, and the ability to cycle back and forth through available characters using the mouse wheel.

Now, you've probably noticed that we're fast approaching the moment of truth for Telepath Tactics. I did a few quick calculations, and it turns out that we can meet the funding goal if 500 of us each contribute just an extra $25.

To that end, here's a quick reminder: if the campaign succeeds and you backed at or above the $25 level, you are guaranteed a DRM-free copy of the game from the moment the campaign ends, continuous updates throughout the game's development, and a free Steam key whenever the game's Greenlight campaign succeeds. Add $9 to that, and you're guaranteed a second copy of the game to do with as you please! Just something to keep in mind if you're a $10 backer.

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