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Meriwether - Kickstarter Update #11, Stretch Goals

by Myrthos, 2012-12-27 18:15:57

Kickstarter update number 11 of Meriwether brings us information on the stretch goals.


Lewis's Outfits + Girandoni Air Rifle

Our first stretch goal will allow Lewis to don attire that will enhance his stats. Want to impress the men with your authority? You should probably put on your class-A dress uniform. Engaging in a little diplomacy with the Sioux? Dressing in buckskin will make you seem as familiar to them as the French and English traders they know so well. There will be outfits for hunting, soldierly camaraderie, and collecting scientific samples. Each outfit gives you a boost in one or more of the facets.

And then there's the creme de la creme: The Girandoni Air Rifle. This rifle was a marvel for its time. It has an incredibly fast rate-of-fire, and because it was powered by air, there was no gun report and no muzzle flash. If we make this stretch goal, the air rifle will be your silent-killer alternative to your 1803 contract rifle. You may fire when ready! 

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