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Ravensdale - Black Forest Games to Kickstart?

by Dhruin, 2012-12-29 23:31:42

Remember Ravensdale? We saw a fascinating glimpse of the steampunk action/RPG from a tech/concept demo back in 2010 but, of course, Spellbound went under not long after completing ArcaniA. Reincarnated as Black Forest Games, they have gone on to successfully Kickstart the adventure/platformer Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and things are looking up.

Thomas sends news after noticing this post on their Facebook page:

Just been interviewed for a years end radio show on 'Deutsche Welle'. Talked about crowdfunding. Being asked about our next KS-project I answered: Ravensdale.

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SP/MP: Unknown
Setting: Steampunk
Genre: Action-RPG
Platform: Unknown
Release: Canceled