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Meriwether - Kickstarter Updates #12-15

by Myrthos, 2012-12-30 23:16:15

The Kickstarter for Meriwether ($23K/$35K, 7 days to go) saw a couple of updates in the last days.

Update #12 links to a Reddit interview.

Update #13 shows some badges you can use as a backer.

Update #14 shows a video introducing Jim Welch who is repsonsible for the sound and music.

Update #15 features lead writer Carlos Hernandez who explains how the story ties in with the gameplay

Here’s a breakdown of the philosophical underpinnings behind each facet:

Soldier: Follow orders. Do your duty. The law is the law. Do anything for a fellow soldier. Defeat your enemies. Don’t be afraid to use force. Fight with courage.

Leader: You are in charge because you have special gifts, training and insight. You are valiant, far-seeing, and worthy of respect. It is up to leaders like you to temper the law with good judgment. You should inspire those you lead, but sometimes you must make unpopular decisions. You are personally responsible for the safety of every person under your command.

Diplomat: Peace should always be the first outcome to pursue. Everyone is entitled to decency and courtesy. Generosity will inspire generosity. Sometimes intangibles like goodwill and harmony are the best outcomes of a negotiation. Peace is a national priority, more important than personal feelings.

Scientist: Where can I get more information? How does this work? Is this logical? Do I have enough evidence to support my ideas? How? Why? To what extent?

You’re probably already imagining how these values will come into conflict with one another. Do I make nice with the British trapper who is obviously lying to me in order to try to get better prices on trade goods (diplomat vs. scientist)? Do I follow army regulations to the letter when disciplining my men, or show a little leniency (soldier vs. leader)? But choices won’t always be simple opposed pairings; sometimes you’ll have three or even all four facets to choose from for a single decision.

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