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Mass Effect 3 - Citadel Review @ VGU.TV

by Aries100, 2013-03-08 23:03:41

VGU.TV has posted a review of this game. No score, but a positive review:
[Some spoilers for the DLC to come in the next bits, so read at your own risk].

Here's a quote about humour:

Humor actually plays a very important part in making this DLC stand out and the character interaction during the main mission just highlights why so many gamers are invested in these characters. The witty banter, the cheesy lines, and the throwbacks to events in previous games are all phenomenal fan service and just plain fun to witness.

And a quote about a certain party:

The atmosphere of the party can be changed several times to see how the guests react and watching who decides to mingle with whom is interesting (for example, Zaaed, Javvik, Grunt, and Wrex all get together to start with since they all have similar attitudes). All in all the party gives players a great chance to reconnect with characters and watch them all interact with one another in humorous and touching ways.

Thanks to mcc  at Gameboomers

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