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Chronicles of Mystara - Review Roundup

by Couchpotato, 2013-06-25 02:24:22

Here are a bunch of previews for the 2D ARPG Chronicles of Mystara. I remember wasting many quarters in the arcade on games like this.

Forbes - 8/10

And a part of me would have liked to see a complete overhaul, with all-new hand-drawn graphics, or at least the old graphics given new and improved animations. Some of the attack moves are pretty neat, but the game feels stiff and blocky compared to what we’ve come to expect from modern games, and some subtle improvements could have been made that wouldn’t have upset the retro look and feel.

The Escapist - 4/5

The only real problem with Chronicles of Mystara is that Capcom seems to be running out of new ways to improve its older titles. With each successive remake its introduced over the past few years Capcom has always added one big new addition that clearly set the newer efforts apart from their predecessors. That's not really the case with Chronicles of Mystara. It's absolutely a fantastic remake, and should be a mandatory purchase for any D&D geeks or fans of Final Fight-style beat 'em ups, but where does Capcom go from here? Fingers crossed for a next-gen Quiz & Dragons.

Destructoid - 8.5/10

Chronicles of Mystara is worth the purchase for any fans of beautiful sprite-based artwork or classic beat 'em ups. Its only flaws come from the technical limitations of its time and the design decisions that defined the arcade era. Gauntlet, Golden Axe, and Cadash all suffer from similar issues. Thankfully, Shadow Over Mystara trounces them all. It's the king of D&D-themed arcade action games, and should be respected as such.

GameZone - 8/10

That lack of even basic life-limiting options hurts Chronicles of Mystara as a home adaptation. That said, it more than gets the job done in all other respects, and anyone with nostalgia for these games will surely have a blast with them regardless. Newcomers may want to set some limits for themselves, infinite lives be damned. Shadow over Mystara isn’t a game to blast through in a single mindless session, but a co-op classic that can be savored again and again.

ZTGD - 8.8/10

With some friends, both games offered in Chronicles of Mystara will have beat ‘em up fans having a great time. Even I, being the big D&D fan, had a good amount of fun seeing just how true to the source material they came. It’s rather impressive for a couple of arcade games from the 90s. With the extra challenges, multiple paths and endings in place, players can replay several times and still have a great experience. I highly suggest Chronicles of Mystara.

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