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Celestian Tales: Old North - Playable Prototype

by Couchpotato, 2013-08-05 01:49:20

Ekuator Games the developer of Celestian Tales: Old North has sent news the game has a playable prototype. As for the game itself it has only earned $19,972 with only five days left.

On this weekend's In Depth, we're continuing the previous update's discussion about combat system. This time the main topic is customization -- how far are we really designing a 'play with your own style' customization options?

And, after numerous tests of polishing and destroying bugs, we thought it's time to show a playable prototype build to you all. It might look like the game, but it's basically still bare as it is. Read more about it down there or jump straight to the web player!

Combat System: Customizations

As many of you might know through our updates, each playable character in Celestian Tales: Old North are special. We wanted combat to not just be a must-have addition to an RPG -- we want it to empower each character's personalities and story.

The massive amount of customizations in the game is basically made possible by the modular elements you can mix-and-match yourself. The list is as follows:

  • There are six playable characters
  • You can bring up to three characters into combat
  • Each character has three equipment slots: a Weapon, an Armor, and an Accessory.
  • Each character possesses dozens of combat skills, but you may only bring a limited amount of them into combat.
  • Each character also has a number of passive skills, and you also may only bring a limited amount into combat.

Sounds difficult? We'll get to them one by one.


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