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Path of Exile - Interview @The Jace Hall Show

by Couchpotato, 2013-10-09 00:55:04

The Jace Hall Show has been kind enough to send us a link to a interview they hosted about Path of Exile

It was 2006 when Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rogers, and Erik Olofson were per usual, heavily involved in Diablo 2 and Titan’s Quest. It had been six years since D2 had hit the scene, so naturally, what did three hardcore Action RPG gamers with a background in coding and design think?

“Why don’t we make our own action RPG?”

Prior to meeting in a Diablo 2 forum, Chris Wilson, Jonathan Rogers and Erik Olofsson had never known each other. Chris and Jonathan were programmers in New Zealand and Erik was studying industrial design…in Sweden.

Says Managing Director Chris Wilson:

“We realized there was a bit of an opportunity before the inevitable Diablo 3 announcement within a decade to make a great, loyal action RPG. We were in a situation where we had the skills between us, programming and game design, and our life savings — which is a real bad idea when you really think about it — and the three of us got together to make it happen. I remember the conversation actually, we had been playing Diablo 2 and I said I want to make a action RPG like this. I was talking to Eric (who was in Sweden) and he said he’d come to New Zealand. We set up in my garage, the three of us, trying really hard not to spend any money, we were just a bunch of kids, mid 20′s trying to make a game together.

Fast forward seven years later and the guys have done just that, having recruited over a dozen other team members to form Grinding Gear Games and create Path of Exile, which has raised over $2.5 million in crowd funding.

What makes Path of Exile so different in a sea of action RPG’s?

“We feel as action RPG purists, that action RPGs are quite different than how they used to be a decade ago, says Wilson. “We’re trying to recreate the experience of playing the first RPGs Diablo and Diablo 2 and Dungeon Siege, they’re quite different than the modern RPG, which is largely trying to gain mass market appeal.”

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