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Telepath Tactics - Post-Funding Update #17

by Couchpotato, 2013-12-25 03:12:38

In the latest post-funding update for Telepath Tactics Craig Stern takes a look back the development of the game throughout 2013.

Taking stock at the end of 2013

Greetings, faithful backers! As we approach the end of 2013, I thought you might like to hear a little summary of the state of Telepath Tactics. The short version: things are going quite well!

The long version:

  • We have completed all of the game's expanded tilesets.
  • We have completed all of the game's destructible object graphics.
  • We have completed all of the engine features needed to finish the game.
  • Character portraits are complete for all of the game's generic and NPC characters, and we're now well into the portraits for the game's stable of unique characters. Here are a couple of unique characters you might already be familiar with!
  • All of the game's 22 base character classes are fully animated! You can see the Mentalist and Stone Golem here, and the Spirit and Bronze Golem here. Also, just for fun, here's the Skiakineticist mustering the corrosive powers of Shadow!
  • Of the 19 character classes that need a gender variant sprite, 8 now have one. (We're working on the rest right now!)
  • I've hired someone to produce some nice pixel art icons for the game's buttons, including unique icons for each of the game's 105-or-so different attacks.
  • The game's soundtrack is getting close to complete! Tireless composer Ryan Richko has managed to call in some favors, and will be recording live instrumentation with a small group of orchestral musicians in early 2014 to make it sound extra epic.
  • I've been working on adding attack sound effects to the game; most of the basic ones are now in and working.
  • I've been reworking the cast of characters and fleshing them out with an eye to how each fits into the evolving narrative of the game. I've got 5 confirmed boss characters and 12 other uniques so far, with plenty more to come!

So that is where we're at. Telepath Tactics is coming along well, and remains on track for a 2014 release.

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