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The Executioner - Horror RPG

by Myrthos, 2017-04-21 12:21:04

In case you would like to torture and execute people in a game, you can consider Kickstarting The Executioner, a horror RPG about the monster inside you (virtually speaking).


Grim routine of a medieval executioner

On the 18th of April the good people of Lesser Evil Games launched a Kickstarter for “The Executioner” – a rough and gory tale of Theodor Grim, a man with a rare talent of recognizing lies wherever he hears it. It’s a story of a man that inherited an ungrateful job as a Royal Executioner.

Do you like serious games that make you deal with the uncomfortable mature questions and decisions? The ones, that leave very little space for heroism? This is the kind of game the team is shaping “The Executioner” to become.  

Gameplay consists of the three parts:
Torture chamber simulator. Use rich arsenal of tortures to get a confession. With a limited time left till victim’s execution you will need to be careful with the persuasion methods in order to keep the tortured in a proper shape for what comes.
Detective text quest. Delve through your victims’ crimes to justify your actions or seek for the true criminal if you believe the tortured is not the one.
Turn based combat. Many will stand on your way unwilling to share their filthy secrets. You will have Theodor Grim’s enormous strength and razor sharp perception by your side to fight those who dare to oppose the Royal Executioner.

The cornerstone of “The Executioner” is game’s psychological side. What are you willing to do to stay alive? How does a human perception change, affected by an everyday routine violence? What will become of a kingdom on a brink of revolution if the Royal Executioner refuses to do his dirty job?

If the Kickstarter campaign succeeds you will have a chance to find out rather soon – “The Executioner” is set to be released this autumn.

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