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Expeditions: Viking - Patch 1.04

by Hiddenx, 2017-05-19 19:35:56

Patch 1.04 for Expeditions: Viking fixes a lot of bugs:

Patch 1.0.4 is now Live!

Patch 1.0.4 is now public. The main purpose of this patch was to fix the last of the crashes - a particularly tricky crash that turned out to be caused by Unity's reflection probes when our day/night cycle asks them to re-render. The crash mostly happened on Intel cards and certain AMD cards.

Disabling reflection probes

For now, we've added an option for disabling the reflection probes. If you're still getting the occasional loading screen crash or if the game is crashing during the camping timelapse, try enabling this option - especially if you're running the game on an Intel or AMD card:

  1. Open your config file - it's in your Documents folder by default that's C:\Users\Logic Artists\Documents\My Games\Expeditions Viking\Config
  2. Locate the [VideoSettings] section, and add the following line at the bottom: ReflectionProbes=False

That's it - that should stop the crashes. Without reflection probes, the lighting in the scene will not look quite as natural as it does with the probes enabled, but it's better than crashes.

Of course we've also managed to make a number of other fixes and improvements while we were at it. We've even managed to add a wee bit more content.

Additional Content and Balancing

  • Finished two new Grimnir dream sequences and added them to the random events list
  • Gave Aife a new ability that's unique to her: Snaring
  • Added colour correction blending to the timelapse in camping
  • Made it more likely to get injuries when incapacitated in combat
  • Made non-fatal injuries more likely to deteriorate
  • Changed the accuracy penalty for Quick Shot from a modifier to a multiplier (ie. from 30 points to 30%)
  • Inspire is now limited to 3 charges
  • Changed Fatigued, Hungry, and Starving so they complement each other better: Fatigued now reduces Strength, Finesse, and Perception while Hungry and Starving reduces Endurance and Sense
  • Increased the duration on Well Fed to take into account the time spent camping
  • Added hotkeys for activating abilities in the hotbar
  • Made the game heal all injuries and reset fatigue and hunger after Hrodgærda's attack on Skjern
  • Tactical Move can no longer be activated if you would have no moves left afterwards, to prevent you from cheating yourself
  • Grimulfr will no longer show up in Skjern during summer until you've completed the main objective in Scarborough
  • Made it so you get the Gain Power goal instead of the Speak To Skallagrimr goal if you side with Aiblinn in Dun Phris before you've done Lindisfarne
  • Characters no longer drop Salvage
  • Added a wave of reinforcements to the entrance guards in Jelling and did a general polish pass on the scene
  • Added a bunch of deco characters fighting in the background in Jelling, and a few civilians that will flee if you approach them - also made a couple of houses burn
  • All Northumbrian and Pict quests will now be failed when you side with Aiblinn in Dun Phris, to avoid narrative inconsistency
  • Disabled some of the York entrance one-liners in the event you've invaded Northumbria, and made it so the guards are replaced by either Picts or Vikings depending on your choices

Bug fixes

  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed Fog of War not being reset correctly when starting a new game
  • Fixed a gamebreaking quest logic bug whereby Myrddin would be noninteractive if you fought the villagers without him and Cillian died (because a goal was set as optional when it should have been mandatory)
  • Fixed the treasure in the passage grave becoming uninteractive if you lose the fight against the Underground Ones and subsequently choose not to pick up the treasure first time you interact with it
  • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to complete Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme if you let Morcant go after raiding the monastery
  • Fixed the Red Wedding quest never being closed if you enter the house during the night without making use of the option to wait outside (it wasn't breaking anything, but it was annoying)
  • Fixed the Meet Maucolyn goal not getting correctly closed in Parsley Sage Rosemary Thyme if you decided to attack
  • Fixed Wearh in the Woods not being closed properly if you attacked the village after having found the pelts
  • Fix an issue in camping that would result in incorrect amount of resources being reserved
  • Crafting schematics are now removed while crafting as intended
  • Fixed items with special properties that raise HP not raising the actual HP but only the maximums - now you'll actually have the extra HP as you should
  • Added new color tags for stat mods in inventory and character stats for the other languages
  • Disabled save game inside Passage grave
  • Fixed Fog of War issues in some of the camp scenes
  • Fixed Seeking Sanctuary not getting closed correctly if you had a change of heart and killed the Persecutors before meeting the Refugees
  • Fixed sinking into the ground on the hex map around the bridge in Chester
  • Fixed the check whether you had been inside the walls in Chester already not being correctly set
  • Fixed the chest in the Chester Sewers being lootable twice
  • Changed the color correction in the Chester Sewers
  • Fixed being able to take the runaway guard's body in Scoundrel's Flight if you had already gone into the tomb
  • Fixed being able to use the runaway guard and his girlfriend's bodies for the sacrifice when they weren't dead
  • Fixed Cillian not despawning correctly when Myrddin buries him
  • Made sure Cillian's pyre is put out at appropriate times and made Talorc and Dubglas move to better positions when they set Cillian free
  • Fixed being able to collect something for the Wisdom of the Ancients quest before you had gotten it
  • Fixed not being able to cross the river by York on the campaign map
  • Switched the numbers for schematics in armour crafting to be consistent with how the numbers are displayed in the Tinkering menu
  • Fixed the tutorial window we added in 1.0.3 not updating step text correctly
  • Confirmation boxes originating from conversation can't be dismissed anymore (which means you can no longer avoid travel ambushes by pressing Escape...)
  • Fixed the food selection in camping prioritising Rations rather than Meat
  • Tyr's Favour can now only be used by Viking enemies as intended - it's a bit of a hack for now, as the AI skill selection will still assign Galder to non-Vikings, but we'll deal with that later
  • Cleaned up and polished the ambient audio in Jelling
  • Fixed Wreckers in Scarborough not staying gone if you had gotten rid of them peacefully
  • Fixed the looters in Donncoirce Homestead coming back if you had convinced them to leave
  • Changed the trigger conditions for the intro to the swamp meeting so it's more robust, even though we haven't managed to figure out how some players have entered the scene before they got the quest
  • Fixed damage reduction not being clamped correctly so high-level enemies affected by Tyr's Favour could exceed 100%, which made attacks heal them for the duration of the status effect
  • Fixed sparing Cailtram at Domnall's farm not being properly closed if you just left after getting the proof
  • Fixed the farmer inside Domnall's farmhouse not correctly responding if you hadn't fought the people outside
  • Fixed the player gaining String instead of losing it when pulling out a rotten tooth
  • Fixed the Armourer and Craftsmen Homestead upgrades giving you the opposite resource of what they should give
  • Fixed an issue where crafted armours and helmets might not have the right models
  • Fixed being able to repeat geting the reward for rescuing Mani from Sandarr
  • Fixed not being able to find the missing wrecker in Scarborough if you had searched his corpse before getting the quest
  • Added headlines to the skill rank tooltips in Crafting so it's a bit more clear what they mean
  • Fixed a localisation issue on discard prompt
  • Fixed CNodeLogicWaitForAIGroupToSpawn node not working properly, which caused problems in the cave fight in the ravine if you were skipping too quickly through the dialogue
  • Made the family from the Troll Tree not show up later if either of the parents were killed
  • Fixed Æthelred's war camp not disappearing from Yngilwood if you fail the Northumbria questline early, and disabled some of the entrance one-liners related to the camp once it's gone
  • Made some control labels a little clearer, fixed two small spelling mistakes in the English tutorials
  • Fixed the generic clansmen and Kveldulfr not acknowledging Asleifr's death correctly because the conversations were checking an obsolete variable
  • Fixed French localization parsing for the patterns that change a word based on whether the word after it starts with a vowel or a consonant (eg. de or d')
  • Fixed a wrong ending of a dynamic gender text token that was causing the unparsed token to show up in the text
  • Tweaked the colliders in the roadside camp to make it easier to pick up the stuff in the tent
  • Fixed null ref when initializing prop items and fixed the GOG SDK not recognizing the DLC when not connected to Galaxy
  • Fixed two one-liners playing over each other in Seahenge, and set up better party spawn positions
  • Increased amount of cairns needed to unlock the Wayfarer achievement (it was looking for 7 but there are actually 9) and fixed the cairn in Lindisfarne not being counted towards the 14 cairns for the Pathfinder achievement
  • Made the game logic that triggers Osred's conversation with Æthelred after his defeat a bit more robust to ensure that it won't get stuck
  • Added a config option for disabling reflection probes to solve the loading screen crashes that happen in certain scenes on certain video cards (thanks Unity)

As always, we'd like to thank you all for your help in identifying these issues. Now that the worst bugs are ironed out, we're going to start digging into the nice-to-have list. The next update will take a bit longer, but it'll also contain a bunch of new stuff. Stay tuned for more information :)

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