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Jotun - Review @ Bleeding Cool

by Hiddenx, 2017-07-16 09:30:20

Bleeding Cool has reviewed the action adventure Jotun:

Jotun Review: A Broody, Atmospheric Treasure Of A Game

With Thunder Lotus Games’ Jotun being free to own this weekend, we decided to go ahead and give it a review, even though it’s been out since September of 2015. The free part makes it kind of newsworthy, right? OK, fine, so we’re just trying to clear a backlog of games and this weekend was as good a time as any.

Right off the bat, Jotun strikes you as an incredibly gorgeous game. The levels are all hand-drawn, and include an absurd amount of gorgeous detail in the background designs. The animations are deceptively simple-looking, but work in a smooth sort of coordination. Sure, things are a little less crisp now, but this is a game from 2015, so that’s pretty understandable.


Overall, I found Jotun to be an absolute pleasure. While some will find the game’s lack of dialogue, cutscenes, and hand-holding to be boring and directionless, I really appreciate that Thunder Lotus Games have given us Jotun as is. We can go in and get what we personally want out of the game. If that’s atmosphere and art, story and theme, or just general boss killing, Jotun has a lot to offer — as long as you’re willing to give it the time. Jotun is a broody, atmospheric treasure of a game. I didn’t want to turn away from the screen, and I’m glad I didn’t.

Score: 8.5/10

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