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Selling Sunlight - Now on Kickstarter

by Silver, 2017-10-12 22:43:17

Selling Sunlight is a narrative driven RPG about a wandering merchant who conspires against the sun. There are 11 days to go in the campaign on Kickstarter and it has reached 10K out of a 12K goal. You can try the demo here.


About this Project

In narrative RPG Selling Sunlight, you are a wandering merchant whose face got stolen by the Sun. To get your identity back, you'll have to explore a strange, hand-painted world, befriend other travelers, trade goods and information and conspire against the Sun Himself.

Will you ask for His pardon, or try to defy Him?

Selling Sunlight is a role-playing game with no fights, many bees and too many words, focused on interpretation and atmosphere. It will be available (in English) for Windows, both on Steam and on DRM-free platforms like Itch.

We want to make an experience that is like chamomile for the soul, for we think the world desperately needs more games like this right now. Games where nobody wants to murder you, where people with different cultures all live together, and where everything will eventually be okay.

Our list of influences include Sunless Sea, the Rune Factory series, the Art Nouveau movement, the Earthsea books, Invisible Cities, and Japanese animes about wandering like Spice&Wolf, Mushishi and Kino no Tabi.

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