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Raven's Cry - Update 1.10 released

by Hiddenx, 2017-11-14 18:10:59

Vendetta - Curse of Raven's Cry got a major update and is on a weeklong sale right now:

Update V1.10 released!

Version 1.10 Release notes:

  • optimization and correction of cutscenes
  • optimization of multi CPU support
  • Audio fixes and dialogue corrections
  • Audio enhancements and additions across the islands
  • Multiple fixes in accordance with playthrough reports
  • Multiple main and side quest corrections and expansions:
  • Sully's books added to his "death hut".
  • Shaka's reactions enhanced during Sully's demise.
  • The Maroons' hiding spots moved for better concealment.
  • The cave battle of the Maroons versus the soldiers expanded.
  • Extra loot in the docks near the clerk in St. John
  • While assassinating the clerk, you can choose to kill a random colonist accidentally (or on purpose).
  • More characters populate Avery's port (you can also interact with some)
  • Small addons to Avery's colony (captive and domesticated animals, guards, servants, etc.)
  • Ray's and the Colonist's paths in the Patriarch assassination missions optimized.
  • Corrections in scripting for the Avery's and Arko sidequests.
  • Corrections in the Patriarch ship hunt sea battle mission.
  • Expansions and additional plot and gameplay added in Avery's storyline: additional assassination missions, hunt for buccaneers, and more.
  • Spoiler: Ray (as your ally) will actively help you out in fights when completing Avery's missions (e.g. during the infiltration of Buccaneer Island)
  • Ray's attacks include melee / armed combat and tossing explosives
  • Spoiler: additional ways of eliminating the clerk in the port assassination mission for Avery
  • Interactions with Ray expanded, with new extended gameplay sections, fights and dialogues
  • Avery's port office overhauled and expanded
  • Avery's plantation and mansion overhauled and expanded
  • More characters and interactions in Avery's plantation
  • Overhaul and expansion of Avery's port
  • Musician to steal money from added in Avery's port
  • Hayes, his Hunting Stall, and his sidequest line added to Avery's port (quest opens after the Maroons' line, when Tutuola goes missing)
  • Arko's line expanded with the tasks of recovering his relics (sound-orientated mission), and tracking down and defeating Modok the evil shaman
  • Tutuola's voodoo houngan cave added as a new location (with extra loot and interactions)
  • Tutuola's storyline expanded, with extra missions and a new conclusion added for the Maroons' houngan
  • Extra rewards from Tutuola, including loot, experience, and Erzulie's portrait
  • The hut and the killing fields of Ray's brother Sully added as a new location (with loot and extra items around)
  • More tasks and encounters with the girls at the brothel
  • Goat dressed up at the brothel (find out the details from Maria's sidequest)
  • Spoiler: Ray's brother storyline expanded with a new conclusion (human sacrifice)
  • Spoiler: moral choice expanded in Ray's brother storyline (possibility to spare the brother, or to deliver him to the Maroons to be sacrificed)
  • Spoiler: moral choice expanded in Avery's island assassination / Patriarch sabotage mission (possibility to spare the wife, murder her, or let Ray kill her)
  • Spoiler: gravesites and a shrine to Christopher's murdered parents added as a new location (XP for visiting)
  • Spoiler: fight against Ray and hunting down Avery in his mansion expanded and lengthened
    Additional interactions with the Maroons (extended spying/tracking down sequence, introductory fight, extended scenes)
  • Additional enemies and fight encounters added (humans, e.g. Hayes the Hunter, and animals, e.g. the Giant Sabertooth cryptid)
  • Fixes and multiple enhancements in the Ancient Temple trap labyrinth
  • Fixes in console messages and logs.
  • New sidequests and extra characters added (extra XP points for finding 'Crocodile Gena')
  • Additional ship encounters
  • Additional sea mission / treasure search
  • Additional and expanded logs
  • Multiple additions and expansions across all islands (new ruins, new sacrificial altar with extra loot, new cannibal rituals and sacrifices, and much more)

Thanks Alistair!

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