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Shadowhand - Relaxed Mode added

by Hiddenx, 2017-12-25 10:14:21

Patch 1.05 for Shadowhand is out - here are the changes:

V1.05 released! Includes Relaxed Mode and other fixes/tweaks.


  • Relaxed mode added! You can change mode on the Select Chapter screen using the panel at the bottom. Relaxed mode has easier enemies and more gold. Also if you lose a duel you can click "Skip" on the level end dialog and move on with no penalty (you'll still get the enemy loot.)
  • Created a new Steam achievement for beating the game in Relaxed mode. If you have already beaten the game and want to unlock this, just change mode to Relaxed on the Select Chapter screen and beat the last chapter (you don't need to start again).
  • Beating Hard mode also unlocks Normal and Relaxed achievements. Normal mode also unlocks Relaxed achievements.
  • Renamed Hard mode as "Very Hard" because that's what it is!
  • Active Abilities recharge by 50% when retrying a hand/duel.
  • Ch7 Hand 8 now reminds players to equip their recovered weapons before fighting the Executioner.
  • Made Sea Tar fight at end of Ch8 a bit easier in case players didn't buy the best weapons.
  • Cutpurse fight in Ch8 is a tiny bit easier.


  • Ch15 Hand 7 had a gold goal of 5 turns and silver of 24. It should have been silver=29 and gold=24. Also fixed Ch 19 hand 8 turn goals to be gold=14 and silver=17.
  • Pressing H on the title screen no longer tries to load the instructions screen, which doesn't exist.
  • Active ability cards are now blocked on Ch1 Hand 1 because they can mess up the tutorial.
  • Inventory screen sometimes didn't show defense or stealth value after completing certain chapters.
  • Rabbit Foot passive ability no longer creates wildcards that overlap in the wrong order.
  • Rusty Boarding Axe flavour text edited so that it doesn't run on too far.
  • Weapons no longer get unhidden if you restart Ch7 Hand 1 (Gaol).
  • Inventory screen now correctly warns you if you have an empty active or passive ability slot and an unused card of the correct type in your inventory.
  • Fixed Ch14 hand 6 layout so that getting a torch isn't dependent on removing the suit lock first, which could sometimes result in an impossible layout.

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