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Spellforce 3 - Review @Wccftech

by Hiddenx, 2017-12-25 10:22:39

Wccftech has reviewed the RTS/RPG mix Spellforce 3:

SpellForce 3 Review – Living in the Past

“It’s like [Game #1] meets [Game #2]”. We’ve all heard that line before. It tends to be the easiest way to describe a game that’s difficult to place in a traditional genre. Spellforce 3, even the Spellforce series as a whole has always eschewed sticking to a genre’s style. So how to best describe SpellForce? It’s Dragon Age meets Company of Heroes. It’s a mash-up of RPG and RTS. Something that has become more commonplace since the original SpellForce’s release in 2003.
SpellForce 3 in particular moves more towards RPG aspects, or at least that’s the perception I got when playing the game. Under new developers and publishers, and set half a millennium before the first game, SpellForce 3 looks to be resetting the series. Why this change? The original developers, Phenomic, were bought and eventually disbanded by EA. The publisher, JoWood, went into administration and were bought by Nordic games, who then bought the THQ trademark.
SpellForce 3 isn't a bad game, it can even be pretty good at parts. A vast world is left for you to explore with far reaching problems to solve. The game merges RPG and RTS in a great way, never leaving one side the worse for it. However, it can often fall foul of leaving you with little to do outside of RTS, with areas impressive to look at, but boring to walk through. There certainly is something interesting to find out with the story as well, but the delivery leaves a lot to want with too much exposition and terrible voice acting. You can certainly have fun with SpellForce, particularly the fast paced strategy side of things, but it can feel like a slog at times.


  • The quick pace of the RTS is entertaining and keeps the game moving along
  • Stunning visual design, particularly of huge imposing structures and varied terrain
  • Great audio design with an excellent soundtrack and ambiance


  • Extremely poor voice acting
  • Story that is force fed and ultimately poorly delivered
  • Poor level design when doing the RPG thing, maps being too large and sparsely occupied
  • Basic AI that shows no tactical nuance
  • A few bugs here and there which can cause irritation

Score: 6.5/10


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