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Witcher 3 - Still dominant @ PC Gamer

by Hiddenx, 2018-01-13 18:57:31

The Witcher 3 outsells many games in 2017 without loot boxes etc.:

The Witcher 3 outgrossed some of 2017's biggest games because it's just that good

Without the trappings of loot boxes or 'games as a service,' the single player RPG still managed to outsell almost everything on Steam.

2017 was a hard year for some high-profile singleplayer games, and there was more than a little hand-wringing that the genre as we know it might be dying, replaced by 'games as a service.' We argued that in fact they're not dying, just changing, but it's easy to look at Steam's highest earning games of 2017 and spot the commonalities. Free to play mechanics, skins and loot boxes and crates and keys, all play a major part in 'living' games like Rainbow Six: Siege,Warframe,PUBG and Dota 2. And then there's The Witcher 3, which doesn't have any of that shit. And it's still raking in the dough.


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