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Phantom Doctrine - Preview @PC Games Insider

by Silver, 2018-01-13 21:00:34

PC Games Insider takes a look at Phantom Doctrine.


Set in an alternate history 1980s Cold War, Phantom Doctrine has players using turn-based combat and stealth to uncover a global conspiracy. 

"It’s a global conspiracy thriller set in the 1980s Cold War, with turn-based tactical combat and stealth," head of business and marketing Blazej Krakowiak explains.

"Our protagonist begins the game as either a CIA or KGB operative (those campaign backgrounds offer a number of completely unique story missions and allies). Ultimately, albeit for different reasons, they always end up going rogue and fighting a powerful conspiracy which uses both sides of the Iron Curtain to escalate tensions and manipulate states to further its own goals.

"In between tactical missions where players lead a team of one-to-six operatives on daring missions, there’s the entire strategic layer to consider. There’s base and team management as well as recruitment, counterintelligence, sabotage. Finally, there’s a completely unique gameplay mechanic of our Investigation Board: a collection of documents, transcripts, codenames and maps which need to be analysed and connected to reveal their secrets: targets of opportunity, valuable information and insight into the conspiracy. All those elements come together to form a massive game, which is definitely the studio’s most ambitious project to date. A 30-to-40 hour campaign, high replayability and full support for stealth and combat are good indicators of Phantom Doctrine’s scope."


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