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Obsidian Entertainment - Interview @PCGamesN

by Silver, 2018-11-07 01:03:48

PCGamesN interviewed Obsidian Entertainment about building worlds and Pillars of Eternity’s future.

What parts of the Pillars world do you consider to still be unexplored?

Tons of it. We’ve only really explored the Dyrwood and the Deadfire, and theoretically not even the entire Deadfire. I don’t see us making a Deadfire 2 anytime soon, but it’s a huge archipelago, which the game is only part of. We haven’t been to the eastern coast of the Eastern Reach. We haven’t been to the Vailian Republics. That’s why we bring cultures from those places into the space Deadfire takes place in – it’s why there’s a Vailian Trading Company office in Defiance Bay. Because we haven’t had a chance to explore those places.


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