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ATOM RPG - Patch 1.06

by Silver, 2018-12-30 21:17:27

ATOM RPG has been patched to version 1.06 which implements many community suggestions and tweaks some things.

Patch 1.06

Hello, friends!

Like promised, we are continuing to improve the game according to the advice you give us on the forums. This update is pretty large and significant. We really hope you will enjoy the changes it brings. Here is the full list of them:

  • Reworked the aimed shot system;
  • Reworked random encounter balance;
  • You can now refuel at the caravaneers and in Red Fighter;
  • Stalkers now visit Red Fighter on a certain stage of development;
  • Battle speed can now be changed in the menu;
  • Better optimization for ATI and GeForce cards;
  • An ability to switch and rebind keys in any way you prefer;
  • Better criticals!
  • Typos our community found are now fixed;
  • Reworked skill and attribute checks some NPCs have;
  • Fixed Hexogen;
  • Master of Unlocking now grants XP;
  • Shadow errors in Dead City fixed;
  • Livened up trade in Peregon;
  • Lone Wolf perk does not punish you for having Dzhulbars in the party;
  • Modified weight of some items, work is in progress;
  • Characters no longer get stuck on the Factory level;
  • Some car bugs fixed;
  • A new map for random encounters added;
  • Around ten lesser bugs fixed;

We would also like to use this opportunity to wish you all a happy New Year! Thanks for sticking with us, friends. You help make our dream game even better! Have a great holiday, and let there be ATOM!

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