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RPGWatch - Shortlisting the GOTY

by Myrthos, 2019-01-01 16:19:09

We need some help in shortlisting the RPGWatch Game of the Year contenders. I extracted the information from our database and put it here as is, unfiltered. There are far too many games in the list in my opinion, so I would like to shortlist this into something that can be managed better. The question for you is, which games should be in and which games should be removed.

So, I don't want to know what game released in 2018, you think is the best, but what games should be in the list (or should be removed).

The most anticipated list is as accurate as a drunken leprechaun throwing darts, so for that list I would like to not only know if games should be removed, but also what games should be added.

The lists can be found in the first comment to this post.

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