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Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind - The New North Trailer

by Silver, 2019-01-01 22:57:42

Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind is an ambitious mod that aims to bring the other Provinces of Tamriel - like High Rock, Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and Morrowind - into the game and timeline of Skyrim. Read the FAQ here.


New Year... New North. Beyond Skyrim: Morrowind presents the first look at our pre-release! Venture to the northern islands of Morrowind, featuring Bleakrock Isle and Sheogorad. Experience new, fully-voiced quests, locations, dungeons, equipment, and more in this expansion mod for Skyrim.

RELEASE DATE: We have no scheduled release date at this moment and have no plans disclose one for some time. Stay tuned for more updates, livestreams, and beta testing in the meantime.

BEYOND SKYRIM: MORROWIND is looking for more volunteers to help in the development of this pre-release and in the continued development of the rest of Morrowind.

To apply, fill out our application form at

**Please note that applications without valid samples of work will not be considered**

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