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Encased - White Swan Station

by Silver, 2019-02-13 03:26:31

A new update for Encased looks at White Swan Station.

Encased Kickstarter Update #30: White Swan Station

Posted by Dark Crystal Games (Creator)

CRONUS Foundation was actively exploring, and exploiting, the Dome right up until the Incident. Thanks to Blue Wing’s efforts, roads traversed the sands, settlements blossomed, and research complexes arose alongside the mysterious edifices of the Forefathers. Some of these facilities subsided deep underground, a strange predilection of the ancient race.

Some even survived the Incident, and a few survived more or less intact.

Bunkers. Who among us fans of the post-apocalyptic genre doesn’t like a bunker? Preferably ancient, dilapidated, and abandoned. Or on the contrary, well maintained and populated. Encased provides plenty of options - for every taste.

In such locations one may stumble upon rich rewards. Or perhaps run into trouble. Or reveal a secret of the ruined world. Or all of the above!

White Swan Research Station is just such a place.

*** ***

Soon after the Incident, local scientists decided they had the brains and the resources to go it alone. The head of the base, Vera Dammerung, overrode the complex’s security systems, drove out the Blacks and the Silvers, and imposed severe restrictions on access.

However, it is still possible to penetrate the station. If the guy manning the intercom buys your story, or you are a genius at persuasion, or convince them you make a better ally than enemy - the main gates will swiftly open. The point is not to overdo it. Scientists typically avoid physical conflict, and the guards here are all automated, robotic - which means they are ever vigilant and have no concept of mercy.

But you can also rely on cunning and ingenuity. There is a second, hidden entrance within a labyrinth of nearby caves. If you successfully navigate those narrow stone passages, bypassing the traps and defeating your opponents, in the deepest recess of the caverns you will find a back door to the bunker. However you will likely have to do some talking there as well.

But it's worth it. A handful of former White Wing employees have something else to offer: crazy theories, stories of academic squabbles, violent struggle, and a massive cover-up... In other words, a run-of-the-mill scientific community, multiplied by a high-tech sci-fi future, flavored with the grim spirit of the post-apocalypse.

For example, you might try to solve a dilemma for two former colleagues. They each accuse the other of villainy, deceit, sabotage and -more seriously- coffee theft. But dig deeper and you’ll find out there’s more, and not much of it related to science (yes, a woman is involved, one with a good old-fashioned dark past).

Having earned the favor of the bunker’s inhabitants, the hero will gain access to rare, experimental equipment, as well as upgrades made possible with the assistance of certain specialists. The station scientists will also buy advanced relics at a good price. Speaking the language of RPGs, White Swan is a hub for high-level weapons and armor, and interesting quests.


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