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Pathway - Gameplay Preview

by Silver, 2019-03-16 05:47:05

The first gameplay preview for Pathway.


Wishlist Pathway now on Steam:

Pathway is a strategy adventure game from Germany-based developers Robotality, featuring turn-based combat and unique story encounters.

Explore temples, tombs and the desert wilderness in a grand pulp adventure! Coming to Windows, Mac & Linux in 2019!

In this gameplay preview you'll see an insight into the game's second campaign adventure, The Wrath of God. There's 5x campaign adventures in total to discover and complete, each with varying difficulty. 

Your quest is to track down the Nazis, and foil their plans to get hold of the mysterious and eponymous object the Wrath of God.

The video shows off team party building, a small selection of the 400 hand-crafted story events with choice-based unique encounters, the procedural overworld map, inventory management, mysterious (and rather horrifying) bunker discoveries, as well as turn-based strategic maneuvers against the Nazis, the undead and even some supernatural forces at work!

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