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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem - Content Patch 2 Preview

by Myrthos, 2019-05-17 21:17:43

A preview into what content patch #2 for Wolcen delivers, is now available and stes the following to be part of it:

Today we want to share with you some preview on Content Patch 2. As a reminder, CP2’s deadline is internally planned for July and will include:

[*]The new “Wrath of Sarisel” Cooperative Game mode: specific enemies designed to push cooperation between players.

[*]“World Modifiers”: add different mods in random dungeons, including monsters and reward spawns, increasing its challenge, but also increasing its rewards. (example:  All enemies of the dungeon are Specialists and Elites...)

[*]Player customization for male characters, including alternative skin colors, heads, beards, hairs and eyes.

[*]New active skills and new passive skills sections.

We have set the list for the new skills, and here is a preview of their concept:


Requires Rage. Your character spins in the cursor’s direction and deals damage to everything in its path.

Bull’s eye

Requires Rage. This skill will allow you to mark creatures or spots around your character. Upon release, the marker targets the enemy's last placement, if the mark is on the ground the projectile will target its direction.


Requires Rage. Creates a turret that shoots projectiles. A quick tap creates an automatic turret that will shoot in the direction of the cursor at the moment of its creation. Maintaining the skill allows you to control the turret and use it as a channeled skill.


Requires Rage. Your character performs a charge in the cursor’s direction, bumping creatures on his way and dealing a bit of damage. When the target is reached, it deals AOE damage based on the distance traveled with it. 


Requires Rage. This skill is a 3 steps attack. Your character performs a cleave that will grow and deal more and more damage at each blow. Upon reaching 3 attacks, the loop starts over.

We will develop more about these skills as we approach Content Patch 2. We want this patch to offer more options to warriors and ranged shooting archetypes since they have less variety than mages archetypes at the moment.

Next to that there is also more info on the current content patch 1, like the skill tree and a character wipe.

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