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John Wick Hex - Strategy Game at E3

by Silver, 2019-06-14 21:21:39

PCMag reports on John Wick Hex at E3 and like its style of strategic assasinations.

Like its name implies, John Wick Hex is a hex-based strategy game. Everything takes place in environments defined by hex-shaped tiles, with only a single object or character occupying a tile at a time. The hex structure determines everything from line of sight to enemy positioning, providing forward and backward movement and four diagonal directions from any orientation.

At first glance, John Wick Hex looks like a turn-based strategy game. Without doing anything, the game is completely frozen as it awaits commands. The game doesn't use discrete turns, nor does it play in real time. Instead, every movement and action has a set amount of time it takes to execute, which is shown on a timeline at the top of the screen.



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