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Deep Sky Derelicts - Review

by Silver, 2019-08-10 07:43:27

Player2 shared their impressions of Deep Sky Derelicts.

Additionally, the sub-quests don’t yield anything in the way of engaging stories, highlighted by one tone-deaf attempt at criticising bureaucracy. This particular sub-quest sees you chasing an individual who is avoiding officials due to not completing their paperwork. Ultimately, you discover they would rather harm themselves than be subjected to seemingly endless paperwork. The unfocused, glib writing almost makes it sound like the punchline is the vulnerable people affected by bureaucracy, as opposed to the actual problematic bureaucratic systems at play. Poor treatment of welfare recipients is a continuing topic of national debate in Australia, so what Deep Sky Derelicts attempts to convey is somewhat true. However, the fact that the intention of this sub-quest is confusingly unclear reflects the rough writing on display. Beyond this example, I honestly cannot recall any story beats of note – a bummer considering a solid narrative can elevate an otherwise unspectacular RPG.


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