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The Outer Worlds - Interview @ VGC

by Hiddenx, 2019-09-11 19:37:09

VGC interviewed The Outer Worlds narrative designer Megan Starks:

The latest RPG from Obsidian, The Outer Worlds, isn’t out until October but already the studio’s new parent company is talking about growing the title into a long-running franchise.

Microsoft acquired Obsidian in late 2018 and its first-party games boss recently said he hopes The Outer Worlds grows into an “enduring franchise” for Xbox.

Speaking to VGC, the game’s narrative designer Megan Starks said it feels “really awesome” to receive such strong support from Obsidian’s parent company, and the studio already has “a full universe of lore” with which to build potential future games.

Xbox’s first-party boss Matt Booty recently said he aspires to turn Outer Worlds into a long-running franchise. It must feel great to hear that kind of support from your new parent company?

Yeah. They’ve come to talk to the studio and it seems like Microsoft is super invested and really supportive, which for a developer like me feels really awesome. It’s really exciting at the studio right now.

And are you already thinking about long-term plans for Outer Worlds as a franchise?

I guess it depends on if people like the game, but we would absolutely be interested in plans like it, yeah. I really enjoyed making this game so I would like to work on it a while longer. But I think first our focus is polishing up this game and getting it out the door!

The nice thing is, since the game is from the co-creators of the original Fallout IP, they just have notes and notes… it’s crazy. We already have a full universe of lore, which is really nice.

You mentioned Fallout there. Obsidian certainly isn’t afraid to highlight the connection between your co-directors and that franchise. Does that show your confidence in this game?

Yeah, I think so. I’m a fan of Fallout for sure, as well as Borderlands and BioShock and I love this game too, which makes me feel confident. If you like those types of games then I think you will enjoy ours.


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