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Borderlands 3 - Review @ Venturebeat

by Hiddenx, 2019-09-12 15:38:54

Venturebeat has reviewed the upcoming Borderlands 3:

Borderlands 3 review — Fun action, but some yucks are too yucky

Borderlands came out 10 years ago, and in some ways, it helped spur a new genre of shooters. Gearbox Software combined the fast action of a Doom or a Duke Nukem with the loot and role-playing game progression of Diablo, and we can trace the roots of Destiny, The Division 2, and Warframe to Borderlands.

And while I see the appeal of these MMO looter-shooters, I prefer playing by myself, in a world full of quests with a more cohesive narrative and a slower pace. Borderlands 3 delivers this, improving its RPG progression and gunplay along the way to its September 13 release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And considering that the Borderlands series sold 5 million copies between publisher Take Two Interactive’s May and August earnings periods (and sold 41 million copies overall), a demand exists for this take on shooters.



Above: Blowing up this brainy badguy with a mech is a blast.
Image Credit: GamesBeat

When I started Borderlands 3, I expected to find some nice advancements on previous games. Gearbox has been making this series for years now, and it’s nailed the formula while advancing it with each new release, creating deeper, more interconnected systems and progression.

But since Borderlands hit the scene in 2009, we’ve had a new genre of online shooters that ape the loot-collecting of Gearbox’s franchise and older games like Diablo. And many of them do this well. Borderlands 3 reminds us that the market still exists for slower-paced single-player games with lots of loot and a variety of combat styles. Gearbox nails this.

I just wish the studio had advanced its humor and encounter design as much as class progression and weapon variety. If you enjoy lootin’-and-shootin’, check out Borderlands 3. But go in knowing that you’re going to cringe at some of the jokes and feel fatigue every now and then.

Claptrap’s ass can only plug so many holes, after all.

Score: 77/100

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